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How It Was


Fueled by love and local sustainability, our founders created a cool and inspiring juice bar that would resonate with all walks of life.

From the yoga queen to the regular Joe, our inclusivity, drive, and passion was to create delicious enzyme fueled juices that would appeal to the masses. Viva le Juice!

At Urth we believe healthy doesn’t have to be boring, so why should our juices be any different? Psst. We make phytonutrients look sexy ya’ll. Our passion is health, and our favorite jam is helping our customers regain that “pep” in their step. We get it guys, you live busy lives. Tacos happen. We’ve all been there, don’t knock yourself, nourish yo’self and let our knowledgeable team guide you through our micro-nutrient packed menu. Reclaim your health! We believe the best you is only a sip away.

Keep It Glassy

Urth believes in minimizing our impact on the environment by reducing, reusing & recycling whenever we can. Keeping in line with our "go green" initiative, we offer a bottle exchange program.

Included in the price of our juice is a $.50 credit per 16oz bottle. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our bottle recycling program.

*Please be advised that we are unable to offer a credit for damaged, dirty or broken bottles - but we are more than happy to recycle them for you!

Added to your order!
Added to your order!